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Code Computerlove rebrands ONP Group to Movera

Movera is a progressive group of home moving businesses with years of experience and trust. Its brands include ONP Solicitors, Cavendish Legal Group (CLG), Grindeys Conveyancing, LMS, Conveyancing Alliance (CAL), Broker Conveyancing and Lavatech, creator of inCase. Each company will continue to operate independently but will be enabled and supported by Movera and its platform.   

Movera is exploring new technologies and better ways of working to create a better moving experience for people, partners and clients.   

As part of the process, Code, part of EssenceMediacom North, worked closely with stakeholders to find unique truths that resonated with all businesses in the group before uniting them behind one clear brand strategy, visual identity, personality, and values.    

The new brand captures the group’s heritage and professionalism mixed with their bold ambitions to be a catalyst of change within the industry, working closely with industry peers to solve the major pain points in the market, focusing on better experiences driven by a people-first approach powered by innovative tech.  

It channels this visually with an identity that conveys momentum and energy.    

Chris Heg, Creative Director at Code Computerlove said:  

“The process of creating Movera was so rewarding. Some of the brands in the group are over 100 years old, whilst others more so in their infancy. They are a collective of different, but complimentary businesses, and our job was to find the threads that tied them together, to create something new that each business could see a bit of themselves in.  

Ultimately, the project wasn’t just about designing a new brand identity, but creating something special and unique that everyone could buy into.”  

Waseem Haq, Chief Digital Officer at Movera added:  

“Working with Code on our brand identity has meant that each of the companies in our group has spent time with the team, to explain what they care about, and what they want to bring to the table for the new brand. This has meant our colleagues have been fully involved in the process, ensuring the brand represents them, and they’re not just seeing it for the first time at launch.  

The project has helped better understand how our businesses complement each other, aligning the core elements of our business, and now we feel confident about taking the brand forward to investors, partners, and our colleagues.”  

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